These Three Things I KNOW Are True

  1. If you’re doing a news story about an underage drinking party getting busted, you’d better get your facts 100% straight. Otherwise, you’ll face the wrath of scores of angry, four-letter word-dropping, teens who make a sailor’s vocab seem clean as a Baptist minister’s. Here’s a sample of one such post for your entertainment (ah, youth):

    number one- mom did not buy the alchohol
    number two- that bottle of captain behind the cerial box was mine, i want it back!
    number three- them cooronas that were on the little bar stool by the window in the kitchen were mine too i also want those
    number four- FU**CK U PIGS! ur just mad cus wen u were kids u were busy being molested by ur drunkin fathers while everyone else was at the partys!
    O BTW
    mike stampone tribute party is guna be thrown this summer!!!
    for those of you that know me hit me up
    peace b-i-t-c-hes

  2. and Stuff White People Like are swiftly becoming my most frequently visited sites as of late…The best part about the Daily Show site is that you can watch video clips dating all the way back to when Jon Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn nearly a decade ago. In case you’re curious: Here’s a clip of the first few minutes of Stewart’s very first show on January 11, 1999
  3. Now that Tennessee b-ball coach Bruce Pearl has been single for several months, he no longer hesitates to get “touchy-feely” with the younger ladies…That’s why I find it a shocker that it took him until this past Saturday’s showdown with Memphis to get up close and personal with Erin Andrews.

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