6 F#@king Months!

Welcome fellow Penn St. Fans/Sports Fans/Someone who did a Google search for “happy hour” and clicked “I’m Feeling Lucky!”(Okay, that last part was made up but seriously, wouldn’t you feel special if your page was the one that popped up when someone did a Google search and clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab?)

Ah yes, famous “first words” written on here a little over six months ago. It’s like the launch of MTV minus the showing of “Video Killed The Radio Star” and commercials featuring famous rock stars begging you to call your local cable operator and pick up the hottest thing since sliced bread. You can read the rest of the post here, if you’re that nostalgic enough.

Pick up the phone now, and tell your operator “I want my HHV!”

But seriously though, it’s been great running this site for the last half-year now. I had always mulled doing a blog for the longest time but never imagined myself following through with one, let alone updating it on a regular basis for several months. Thanks to all of you who have visited over the months, whether it was accidentally through a google search or if you actually read this damn thing on a regular basis.  Hopefully I can keep this train running for another 6 months and beyond…

Unfortunately, due to some “mitigating circumstances”, the site’s been lacking in frequent updates as of late. Hopefully, this will change in the near future but for now, it is what it is: I will only be able to do the necessary updates that keep this site readable (i.e. basketball predictions and the occasional football update)

Speaking of basketball: The Fighting DeChellises will tip off against Michigan State for a grudge match in East Lansing. Apparently, the odds makers have collectively decided that the upset win against Sparty never happened and are thus favoring MSU by a whopping 15 points. This is quite shocking considering the fact that MSU has clearly looked out-of-sync since losing to us the first time around, getting “Double Indiana-ed” by losing at Purdue and IU, the latter by 16 points.

See this oddsmakers? This is what happened last time Sparty brought their “300” crap to us…

Naturally, Rants From The District and I, who are now both tied once again at 8-5, thanks to some last-second free-throw shooting heroics (holy irony, Batman!) by Talor Battle against Illinois last weekend are both taking PSU to beat the spread…We just aren’t that high on Sparty anymore.


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