8-6-7 5-3-Ohhh Crap

Looks like Purdue being the “Kings of Big Ten Basketball” isn’t the only bitch-slap to the face Indiana fans are feeling these days: Kelvin Sampson is back in the spotlight for lying to the NCAA about violating his “no phone” punishment handed down to him for violations he committed while at Oklahoma.

Like your standard teenaged girl however, the withdrawal from the lack of phone use ate at Sampson so much that he just couldn’t resist the urge, whether it was trying to get in touch with a potential recruit or calling up one his Indiana girls on an Indiana night.

Such calamity has led to a lot of IU fans calling for the return of “The General” Bobby Knight.  I, for one, would not mind seeing Knight go back to the place where he established himself as the legend we know today, especially since it would likely guarantee that the black curtains which usually cover parts of the upper deck at the Bryce Jordan Center would come down because of the masses of curious fans wanting to see Knight get pissed-off in person.

And as an added bonus, if the home team were to do the unthinkable and win…Well, you might get a chance to see something like the video below pop up on YouTube someday.


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