Should I Do It?

I really wanted to refrain from doing so since the matchup/storyline for this year’s Super Bowl may bring about an exciting contest, but…I just have to post it, since it’s the 5-year anniversary of the “Super Bowl Is Gay” video going up on the Internet, which subsequently made a white Gary Coleman with a 6th grade sense of humor into an MTV star.  But then again, that should be no surprise considering MTV has about as much ability to spot talent as Anthony Morelli does reading a defense.

As for the game itself, I’ll be rooting like crazy for the G-Men to upset those dirty, rotten, cheaters up in New England. It would be pure comedy gold to see the looks on the faces of the ESPN anchors who once again, are talking prematurely about where an undefeated team that has yet to win the title will rank amongst the best teams of all time (See: 2005 USC football).

But who am I kidding? The Pats are not about to let themselves down now, not after they’ve come this far: I say Pats 31, Giants 20.

What I’m more concerned about is my friend’s Super Bowl pool that I’ve entered: I purchased 5 squares on a 9×9 grid for $3 each and here are the winning combinations I’m hoping to draw at the end of one of the quarters:

Giants Patriots
1 7
9 8
6 1
8 2
4 6

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