Chris Baker “Fights The Power”

The good people at the Daily Collegian decided to do a little investigative journalism and got some words of wisdom out of Chris Baker, who’s strongly considering getting the hell out of dodge if he’s not cleared to play in 2008.

“I’ve been getting accused of something I had nothing to do with,” he said. “They had a description of a big black male, and I happened to fit it. I happened to fit the description of a big black male. Walking to class every day, when [news stories] were on the front page, everybody thinks I’m a big thug.”

Well, there you have it folks: It’s not Chris Baker’s fault that multiple witnesses have testified to seeing him beat average Joe students in two separate felony cases against him, giving probable cause for both his cases to go to trial…It’s all part of another vast conspiracy of White America to bring down the Black man.


One Response to Chris Baker “Fights The Power”

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