“Target 9+1”

In case you don’t know already, PSU’s athletic department is trying to initiate a cause called “Target Ten” in which the goal is for 10,000 student tickets to be sold for tonight’s nationally televised game (7 PM ET, ESPN) against Ohio State.  If this goal is met, then the proceeds will all go to THON.

Sadly, the basketball program is so dismal right now that the Big Ten Network has had to bail our asses out by purchasing 1,000 tickets.

As for the game itself: We’re a 7-point underdog tonight, and given how fucking terrible we’ve been playing lately, that’s a pretty generous line. We’ve put up less than 50 points in two of our last three contests and Ed DeChellis has gotten so desperate, he’s now resorted to starting Stanley Pringle along with Talor Battle to go along with Danny Morrissey in a 3-guard lineup. Meanwhile SENIOR GUARD Mike Walker continues to get sporadic minutes and gets pulled the moment he makes one mistake, no wonder he didn’t take a fucking shot in 14 minutes of play. And even though I didn’t watch the game, I find it hard to believe he didn’t have a couple of open looks during his playing time.

Do I even want to go into details about how dismal rebounding has been? Cornley’s not 100%, the knee injury that sidelined him for most of November is flaring up again and nobody has really stepped up to fill the void. Sure, DJ Jackson and Andrew Jones might pitch in a little, but it hasn’t been nearly enough to prevent a sharp decline.

As to how Ohio State will attack us, pick your poison: Do you want Kosta Koufos and Othello Hunter killing you inside, or would you rather suffer a “barrage of threes” from David Lighty, Jamar Butler, or Jon Deibler? Either way, I see this thing getting rather ugly tonight given our lack of “D” lately.

Anyway, I’m taking OSU to cover the spread and I’m sure Rants From The District will end up doing so as well…If he gets his pick to me in time. Here are the current standings in our “Contest”

HHV 6-3

RFTD 6-3

As you can see, my attempt to make things interesting by going against common sense and picking PSU to beat the spread at Iowa just for the sake of differing from my competition was another prime example of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”


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