“The Contest” @ Iowa


Just to update the standings of the contest:

Happy Hour Valley 6-2

Rants From The District 5-3 (automatic loss for not predicting the Purdue game on Wednesday)

So anyway, The Fighting DeChellises march into Iowa tonight to take on a struggling Hawkeyes team.  However, it is worth noting that the current line is Iowa (-6), I’m going to venture a guess and say it has to do with the fact that Iowa has been very stingy on its homecourt, taking Indiana down to the wire, upsetting Michigan State by holding them to only 35 points, and only losing to Purdue by 5 points. Tony Freeman and Justin Johnson (16 and 13 ppg respectively) give Iowa a dynamite backcourt duo but unfortunately for the Hawkeyes, the team pretty much is carried by these guys scoring-wise.

Not that it’s a complete hinderance to the Hawkeyes because they play a rather slower, deliberate, defensive style of play under their current coach Todd Lickliter, who is best known for his recent string of success at Butler (including Sweet 16 runs in 2003 and 2007).  Knowing how shit-tastic our half-court offense has been this season, it is imperative we push the pace early and often, if we allow Iowa to control the tempo of the game, we are in deep doo-doo.

The wheels appear to be falling off already for us, and Iowa knows it.  They’ve been awesome on their home court and see this game as one of their better opportunities to win a game in Big Ten play (they’re currently 2-5).  RFTD is taking Iowa to cover the spread, and I’d say he’s probably right…But for the sake of making this contest interesting, I’m going to disagree and say PSU only loses by 5, and therefore beats the spread.


One Response to “The Contest” @ Iowa

  1. Jarrett Stephens was the tits.

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