Back In The Saddle Again

In case any of you were beginning to think I’d given up on this whole blogging business, fear not.  I’ve simply had some personal issues to deal with the past week, and just wasn’t in any mood to post.  Now that everything’s been addressed though, I’m ready to fire this sucker back up again.

A lot has happened in the past week: The search for Bobby Fischer was called off…permanently, Heath Ledger got the ball rolling with the first shocking celebrity death of the year, Anthony Morelli assured himself of a career selling life insurance, Graham Spanier and JoePa’s Highlander-like struggle will commence within the next few months, and Hillary Clinton continues her campaign of assuring that the GOP will hang onto the White House for another four more years…

Bobby Fischer, where is he? I don’t know! I don’t know – Wait a minute, he’s dead?  Must be another Jewish/American conspiracy.

The Fighting DeChellises also hung right with Indiana in Bloomington for the first 30 minutes of the game until Eric Gordon and company pulled away in the final 10 minutes. The line on that game was IU (-18.5) which was a very intriguing line considering the fact we had just gotten our asses whipped by 25 points at home to Wisconsin the game before, we were winless at Indiana in 14 tries, and we were starting the post-Geary Claxton era earlier than expected. This would have been a very tough game for me to pick taking all those factors into consideration and I would have ended up taking IU to cover the spread.

As for tonight’s game against Purdue: PSU is a 2-point underdog which says to me that the people in Vegas must have actually watched the PSU-IU game and feel that the embarassing loss to Wisconsin at the BJC last week was an anomaly, thus they still have faith in us to perhaps pull out the “W.” Purdue however, has been playing pretty well this year and they look like they might get back to the Big Dance. Thus far, the Boilers are off to a 4-1 start in Big Ten play, including a win at home against Ohio State so they’re no afterthought in the Big Ten by any means.

According to UncleLar at Happy Valley Hoops, Purdue does a pretty good job of forcing turnovers but we’ve done a good job statistically in protecting the ball so something’s gotta give tonight…let’s hope it’s the former. Talor Battle also needs to continue to step up scoring-wise, he’s put up double figures in two of his last three games including a career-high 20 points against IU. And what is up with Mike Walker and Andrew Jones getting fewer minutes? Have they simply become THAT ineffective at this point? It would sure be nice to see Walker return to his old shooting ways, we need firepower now that Claxton’s done.

Anyway, I’m going to take a double shot of blue-and-white kool aid and pick PSU to win this game and thus, beat the spread. I didn’t watch the IU game, but from what I read, it sounded like we were a very resilient bunch that was determined to do the improbable which is a very good sign, these kids are not even close to giving up on the season, something they could have easily started to do after the Wisconsin debacle. We’re also riding a 3-game losing streak now since our 2-0 start in Big Ten play and while Purdue is tough, they’re far more beatable than our previous two opponents so this is a critical game in terms of “stealing” a win from somebody we normally may not be expected to beat.

So, now that my pick’s in, I’m simply waiting on Rants From The District to either put up his pick or phone his in to me. Also, here are the current standings in our season-long contest:

HHV 6-1

RFTD 5-2


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