Here We Go…

BCS Championship Time!  And I’m going to go out on a limb here…I’m taking the Buckeyes over LSU, 24-17.  From a pure athletic/talent standpoint, LSU has the advantage but I’m liking OSU for the intangibles:  The OSU players still have that bitter taste in their mouth from a year ago and the media is barely giving them a second glance, choosing instead to talk about the “southern speed” of the SEC and how LSU are the “Masters of the College Football Universe.”

Don’t be fooled:  Les Miles does NOT have the power

As for Les Miles and his ballsy playcalling that he’s been known for this season:  Don’t think for a moment that Jim Tressel doesn’t have any trickeration up his own sleeve because deep down he’s probably “Incredible Hulk”-pissed about last year’s debacle.

Trust me, you won’t like Ol’ Sweatervest when he’s angry…


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