Time To Bust A Recap In This Place

I hope you all had a pleasant New Year’s celebration. Nothing big happened with me, just ended up hanging out with some old high school friends at the Phyrst, which usually turns into one giant, unofficial, State College High School reunion when PSU is on break.

Anywho, here’s some quick and belated thoughts on the Alamo Bowl:

  • Offensively, I was highly impressed with the O-line’s ability to create holes for our ball carriers, it allowed Rodney Kinlaw to rush for nearly 150 yards and also allowed both Evan Royster and Darryl Clark to scamper to the end zone. Speaking of Clark, I was glad to see him in on several possession at QB, even if it meant putting Anthony Morelli at wideout (which is almost like playing 10 on 11 at this point). It was a great way to throw off Texas A&M’s defense as they looked absolutely unprepared for such a scenario. Hopefully, Clark can actually showcase some passing ability next season or we may be in trouble yet again at the QB position…
  • Oh, and speaking of Morelli: Words cannot describe how glad I am that his campaign is over. Once again, I saw the same old crappy decision-making (i.e. Nearly throwing a pick-six while being chased out of the pocket instead of smartly throwing the ball away, staring down receivers caught in double coverage while another receiver is wide open) that time and again, had cost us in games that truly mattered. Even his lone TD pass of the game was ugly: Deon Butler had to make an improbable diving catch in the end zone to bail his ass out. Had the pass fallen incomplete, Texas A&M would have taken over on downs with a 14-0 lead and with all the momentum.
  • When it comes to the defense, I’ve got three words for ya: MO FREAKIN’ EVANS. 2 forced fumbles, both of which were recovered by us, including one which set up a critical game-tying TD early in the 2nd quarter. Sean Lee led all tacklers with 14, followed by 9 from Dan Connor in a solid “last hurrah” before he becomes a Top 15 NFL draft pick. As a team, the defense also held A&M below their average number of rushing yards per game, a

Mo Evans will eat your children…

  • The highlight of the game perhaps, was A&M’s 275-pound behemoth of a tailback, Jorvorskie Lane, crying on the sidelines after not being in the game on a critical 4th down situation at PSU’s 2 yard line midway through the 4th quarter when A&M failed to convert the first down after QB Stephen McGee slipped on an option play. He had the priceless look on his face of someone who just found out that he ate chili made with pieces of his dead parents

HHV wanted to taste Jorvorskie Lane’s tears

  • I’m also not that thrilled about next season due to the fact that: A. Our QB’s lack of big-game experience, particularly when it comes to throwing the damn ball. Are they going to be able to help rally us from behind in the 4th quarter like Morelli failed to do a countless number of times? B. The schedule is going to be a doozy, particularly in October when we have to play 3 of our 4 games on the road (including a three-game stretch against Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State, respectively), C. We still have the same core group of the most inept part of our coaching staff returning. Sadly, I’m thinking we go 8-4 again next year, and it’s going to take a lot for that prediction to change.


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