Reasons To Remember The Alamo

Dear Nittany Nation,

I realize that after a season of lackluster coaching, lack of leadership on and off the field, and performances that have been atrocious enough to cause a gag reflex, the collective apathy has probably never been greater.

With that being said, however: There ARE a few reasons you should watch tonight’s game with some sense of intrigue.

  • The Big Ten is currently 1-1 in bowl games, and with teams like Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio State facing serious challenges in their respective games, this may be one of the better shots a Big Ten team has at getting a bowl win and thus, bringing some respectability back to the conference.
  • It’s Anthony Morelli’s final game in a PSU uniform, can he end his extremely disappointing career on a high note? Will we see a similar performance to the one he put on against Tennessee in the Outback Bowl last season?
  • The final farewell for “Rodan Kinster”
  • A rare opportunity to see us mess with Texas…

Oh, and here’s a prediction for ya:  PSU 27-24.

Enjoy the game (as much as you possibly can).


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