Blue-White Roundtable: Alamo Bowl Edition

I haven’t been doing much mooching off the roundtable questions lately. Part of this is due to the fact that I haven’t had time to respond because of the immense amount of studying I’ve had to deal with. Additionally, the Michigan State debacle caused my apathy for this season to grow larger in size than the Grinch’s heart. However, with an upcoming bowl game, the inner circle of the roundtable coming up with some new questions, and the fact that I’m on break right now and don’t have much else going on, I figured I would jump back on bandwagon.
The other PSU bloggers listed below also have their own answers for the house.
Do you think any of the quarterbacks below Anthony Morelli will get any meaningful playing time on Saturday?
If he makes the same type of appearance he made at his press conference, then the answer is a resounding “YES”
Other than the quarterbacks, what players would you like to see get significant playing time in the game for preparation for 2008?
I’ve got a fever…And the only prescription is more Chris Bell.
Additionally, I would like to see more PT out of Bani Gbadyu and Chris Colasanti at linebacker. Oh, and how about getting AJ Wallace a little more PT at the cornerback position? Could he possibly be any worse than what we currently have?
Will Royster finish the game healthy? If not, how concerned should fans be about the RB position in ‘08?
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Royster WILL finish the game without limping off the field. Were such a scenario not to occur however, I would be highly concerned going into next year because it would be clear that Royster is simply one of those injury-prone talents that produces when he’s healthy but never sees their full potential because they’re always injuring themselves. I sure hope Stephfon Green (Why the hell does he have an “h” and an “f” in his name? Pick a letter and stick with it! Has anyone ever met a woman named “Stephfanie”?) is ready to play backup next season, presuming he finishes ahead of incoming recruits Michael Shaw and Brandon Beachum on the depth chart.
Obviously a loss to Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl would be devastating for the psyche of the program going into the off season. But is there anything good that can come out of beating a middle of the road Big XII team in a non-New Years Day bowl game? Basically, tell me why I should care about this game.
You should care about this game because it involves us going up against a fairly beatable opponent and a win would also mean less shit-talking about how weak the Big Ten is.
Will 2008 be JoePa’s last year and if so will the old man bow out gracefully or will he be forced out?
I still very much feel that something is going on behind the scenes, and it’s not going to be pretty. Joe will not get shitcanned, but I could see Spanier pissing Joe off enough that he decides to retire on his own will. This way, Spanier will not be known as the guy who pulled the trigger on Joe’s tenure.
When Joe Paterno finally retires, how long of a leash should the next coach get? What’s the standard he’ll be judged by, and does your answer depend on whether the new head coach comes from within or outside the program?
The next coach will likely get four years to keep the wheels on/take the program to the greater heights it is capable of, especially if the hire comes from outside the current coaching staff. If the hire is from within (say, Tom Bradley), then the leash may get even shorter as the fans will start calling for the coach’s head at the very first sign of regression from our current state of mediocrity.

3 Responses to Blue-White Roundtable: Alamo Bowl Edition

  1. Elif says:

    Jesus. Errr Mohammed. It has taken me weeks to get motivated to even think about this game. What’s the point to getting excited about a team that consistently underproduces, underplays, and makes you want to gouge your eyes out. Well, I can’t stomach predicting a loss, but I also can’t fathom us putting lots of points up on the board either. So let’s just go out on a limb that the secondary won’t pull another MSU. PSU 24-20.

  2. Elif,

    I agree with you. As much as I don’t think we’ll lose this game, I find it hard to believe we’ll spank A&M, like Lou Holtz is predicting we will. While I don’t expect the secondary to put on an MSU-type abortion of a performance, I am not sold on them coming up with the big plays necessary to bury the Aggies and thus, I think A&M gets a couple of scores through the air (or at the very least sets up a couple of scores that way) and keeps this one close.

    I’m also going to go out on a limb however and predict that we will score enough points to keep pace with A&M so that we won’t have to rely on Morelli having to rally us from behind with a few minutes to play in the ballgame. PSU 27-24.

    The only good thing I can say about this bowl game is that it’s an 8 PM kickoff, which definitely beats having to get up at 10:30 in the morning on New Year’s Day and not yet recovered from last night’s debauchery (see: Outback Bowl).

  3. Elif says:

    Aaah, so we think similarly on this one. Interesting to see which way it falls given how close our predictions are. Seems like they are more of a rushing team, but then again the coaching staff would be dumb not to try to exploit the glaring secondary weakness after watching MSU. Just for kicks, Emre (though he lost the contest for the year) puts in a score also: PSU 31-10. He says “no contest”.

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