The Criminoles Are Back…With A Vengeance

Just when you were resigned to the fact that we would likely go through an entire college football season without a major incident involving Florida State football players, your prayers have been answered:  At least 20 FSU players will be will be suspended for their upcoming bowl game against Kentucky and through the first 3 games of 2008 for cheating on exams involving an Internet-based course.

Now, I realize there’s nothing criminal about cheating on exams, I simply felt “Cheatinoles” didn’t quite flow as well.  However, this does lead to my question:  Will Jimbo Fisher instill better discipline on his players and run a tighter ship whenever he takes over for Bobby Bowden?

Things suddenly have to be looking pretty good for JoePa in terms of inching closer to Bowden in the all-time wins category, where I believe he currently trails by two games.  FSU is now in deep trouble for its bowl game and PSU may have actually drawn a bowl opponent worse than them, not to mention the fact that the one thing JoePa can still maintain a high degree of excellency in is winning bowl games.


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