Sunday Night

Just a few things to get off my chest:

  • The basketball team blew out Denver with relative ease, but my god was it a snoozer. Denver shot the ball like pure crap, particularly in the first half when they only put up ten points., which is the lowest any PSU team has held an opponent to in one half since they enacted a shot clock in college basketball. According to our coaching staff, the purpose of scheduling back-to-back Princeton offense opponents was so we would be prepared for our Big Ten season opener at Northwestern but wasn’t one of these boring-ass opponents who can’t execute such a style of play enough? Besides, we should be preparing to face the other nine Big Ten opponents who should all finish higher than Northwestern.
  • While I’m still on basketball, I’m currently 3-0 in my competition with RFTD, who sports 2-1 record himself. I realize the competition hasn’t been very exciting thus far since we’ve both been leaning the same way with our picks but I feel once Big Ten season rolls around, things will get a little more divisive.
  • Congrats to Coach Russ Rose and the women’s volleyball team for winning their second national title in eight years beating Stanford in five games. This happened despite the fact that we blew a 2 games to none lead and looked like all the momentum had been entirely sapped out of us, until we somehow managed to regroup for the decisive 5th game and had our “Not now chief, we’re the in the fuckin’ zone” moment.
  • My fantasy football team, “Kebert Xela” is the #1 seed in the Yahoo Fantasy Football playoffs. I’m currently up by 16 points in my first round game but my friend Bill, who is my competition this week, still has the Vikings defense and Ryan Longwell kicking tomorrow night against the Bears. The way scoring is done in my league, Bill very much has a shot at upsetting me if Minny’s D can shut down the Bears’ already lousy offense and Longwell nails a few field goals
  • Rich Rodriguez – Talk about a backstabber and a half…The guy practically teased Alabama last year into getting himself a raise at WVU, only to ditch them a year later for the Michigan job. Good luck installing your spread-option style football at Michigan with that slow-footed QB Ryan Mallett, coach.

Smile, Mountaineer fans, you’ve just been DICK-RODDED!

  • For some reason, I’ve been watching a bunch of old Saturday Night Live sketches on YouTube that people have managed to sneak past the NBC sensors. Most notably, the “Choppin’ Broccoli” song by Dana Carvey…Speaking of which, I’m starving. Time for my late dinner…

2 Responses to Sunday Night

  1. Pittanylion says:

    Game was awful, ticky tacky fouls, but I don’t know that the staff ever said that scheduling these teams back to back was to prepare for NW. God, I hope not, that would be a sorry statement.
    As for R Rod, doesn’t purdue run the spread with an immobile qb (painter)? It can be done, I think. In any case, think pryor will go to um, so let’s just mark the streak at 13!

  2. Purdue was the first team to bring the spread offense to the Big Ten when Joe Tiller took over back in 1997. However, they don’t run a spread-option offense like WVU or Florida. Plus, WVU didn’t exactly throw the ball much with White being so damn quick…That, and White didn’t exactly have the best throwing arm.

    As for Pryor, I’m shaking in my black shoes…God help us if he ends up going to scUM.

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