We STILL Support People Who STILL Support Virginia Tech

You gotta love how the actions of the two dipshits who decided it would be cool to dress up as Virginia Tech shooting victims have led to PSU’s administration and students scrambling for damage control, as if the students who dressed up like Virginia Tech shooting victims for Halloween represent the general student body at PSU.

Even more ridiculous are the numerous students who have joined the facebook groups saying they STILL support Virginia Tech, as if buying Maroon&Orange shirts for the Blue-White game and raising $110,000 for Va Tech, half of which went to the Jeremy Herbstritt Memorial Fund wasn’t enough to show support. Do they realize that nobody within their right mind is going to look at them as a lesser person for not joining yet another meaningless facebook group that doesn’t do anything to directly help the victims’ families or the school itself? It reminds me of the South Park episode where everyone in America tries to bury their heads in sand to show the Muslim world they are not watching a controversial Family Guy episode showcasing a caricature of Muhammad: The actions of a few do not represent the collective whole.

Penn State students’ reactions to Halloween-gate

The only people who have any explaining to do are the two students who brought this upon themselves by choosing such controversial Halloween costumes and allowing them to be put up on Facebook where it was likely that somebody would see the photos and cry “foul.” Even if they only intended it as a joke amongst a small group of friends, they still should’ve realized they were playing with matches and that they ultimately ended up burning down the house as a result of doing so.

Earlier this week, one of the infamous costume wearers decided to come out and justify his actions to the media…I’d love to see him hum the same tune in a face-to-face meeting with the families of the 32 people who lost their lives last April.

Exhibit A on “How to dig yourself an even deeper hole than the one you’ve already dug yourself in 5 short minutes”


2 Responses to We STILL Support People Who STILL Support Virginia Tech

  1. ali says:

    certainly agreed and couldn’t have said it better. Halloween spirit requires you to be more outrageus than anyone else, but this was over the line. period.

  2. sauer kraut says:

    Nathan Jones still doesn’t get it. He posted a comment on my blog this morning. He still thinks it’s all about him, his ego and his wee little weenie.

    I’m guessing he liked all the attention – negative that it may have been – and is feeling a bit lonely these days. His message to me? Essentially that he’s worth more than those 32 dead VTU folks ever were. If PSU or VTU ever gave out a douchebag of the year award, he’d lock up the first 10 years.

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