Talk about a rollercoaster ride…The number of hits this blog was getting had dropped faster than the MIR space station, going from its usual 200-300 views per day down into the sub-100’s only to skyrocket to 581 hits yesterday and 759 today.

Why the sudden surgence in popularity? Well, for that answer we’re going to have to consult Mr. “Search Terms” reporter from my WordPress account

tim tebow (438 hits) – If you type this into google and then click on “Images”, the first thing you’ll see from the top left corner is a certain photo from a certain blog. Yeahhh boyeeee!

Never underestimate the power of a dual threat…I’m talking about Tim Tebow’s run/pass ability, you perv!

Here’s some other noteworthy search terms that led to people finding this blog and the above picture:

Tim Tebow (78) – Okay, so adding caps at the beginning makes a search term distinguishable

tim tebow heisman (12)

TIM TEBOW (8) – Alright, this is getting ridiculous…

Tim tebow (4) – Don’t you just love how WordPress is so Nazi-like when it comes to differentiating search terms via caps?

tIM Tebow, tim tebow high school, tim tebow pictures, Tim Tebow+2007, tim tebow crying, tom tebow, tim tebow images (2 each) – “Tom Tebow”? Well, I’m going to let it slide since the “I” key is right next to the “O” on a standard U.S. keyboard.

tim tebow running the ball, tim tebow cries, Tim Tebow Heisman, tim tebow getting his ass kicked, tim Tebow (1 each) – Maybe they meant to write: “tim tebow getting his ass kicked by a couple hot-air balloons”


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