It Ain’t Easy Being The Safeties Coach

Folks, meet Kermit Buggs: He is new coach of the safeties here at PSU, taking over for a sorely missed Brian Norwood who understandably decided to advance his coaching career by accepting the defensive coordinator position at Baylor.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Buggs was simply a promotion from within the program, the true Penn State way of hiring. Here’s a little excerpt from the official report about Buggs:

In his fifth season at Penn State, Buggs has served as Coordinator of Player Personnel the past two seasons. Among his responsibilities have been serving as a liaison between the coaching staff and academic support staff, coordinating the freshman mentorship program and assisting in the coordination of on-campus recruiting.

The fact that he’s helped out w/recruiting in sort of way, shape, or form is a positive. There’s really not much else known about this guy so I can’t really praise or complain about this hiring. So long as the safeties continue to perform well (notwithstanding their current slump) on a regular basis, then Kermit and I won’t have any problems. Hopefully, he will have a chance to work with D’Anton Lynn, who was originally recruited by Norwood.

Moving on to basketball now: The Fighting DeChellises will be a 13-point favorite when they take on Princeton tonight at the BJC. Now, these aren’t the bracket-busting Princeton Tigers you’re used to seeing: Princeton has been finishing near the bottom of the Ivy League for the past few seasons and they still continue to fall on rough times, sporting a 2-6 record with one of their losses being to Division II Chaminade in the Maui Invitational. Their previous coach, Joe Scott, bolted for Denver (who is our next opponent this Saturday) in the offseason and Sydney Johnson, who was key player on the Princeton squad that pulled off one of March Madness’ greatest upsets by beating defending champ UCLA 43-41 on a textbook “backdoor” play, came in to replace Scott in an effort to try and revive Princeton’s old winning ways.

The most dangerous player on Princeton’s team would have to be Lincoln Gunn because he looks like Spicoli in a basketball uniform (hell, he’s even from California), which would lead one to think that he’s harmless but that’s where he kills you with his 10.4 ppg, a team-high 26 assists on the season, and the leading 3-point shooter (16-for-36 for 44.4 %).

All Lincoln Gunn needs is some tasy waves, a cool buzz, and he’s ready to light your unsuspecting defense up

Another concern for tonight will be how we react to facing such a deliberate style of play in the Princeton offense. All of our newcomers and the redshirt freshmen (DJ Jackson and Andrew Jones) have never gone up against such a style before and will have to be ready to defend on every Princeton possession for most of the 35-second shot clock and try not to get too aggressive defensively or they will pay by giving up backdoor cuts for layups or the all-too-familiar wide-open three pointers. The veterans on the team who have faced such a style of play before from playing Northwestern are hopefully instructing our newcomers on how to handle such a team like Princeton, and even though I feel Princeton will keep it close for some time, we will find a way to blow the game open in the second half. Therefore, I’m picking PSU to cover the 13-point spread.

I’m still waiting on Rants From The District to put up his predictions for tonight for our ongoing contest but here’s a quick recap of how the competition is going so far after PSU’s amazing come-from-behind win against Seton Hall:

HHV 1-0

RFTD 0-1


2 Responses to It Ain’t Easy Being The Safeties Coach

  1. Pittanylion says:

    Princeton was worse than advertised. Aren’t slow short ivy league school teams at least supposed to be able to shoot?

  2. One would think so Pittany, but my god, that certainly was not the case with Princeton. No wonder they’ve been dead last in the Ivy League the past few years.

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