Holy Petrino, Batman!

ESPN.com is now reporting that Bobby Petrino will resign from the absolute mess that is the Atlanta Falcons and will be setting up shop in Arkansas to replace Houston Nutt.  This is a huge grab for Arkansas and the SEC, as they nab the guy who took Louisville to new heights, winning the Big East last year and earning the school’s first ever BCS bowl bid before bolting to Atlanta where he thought he would have a good shot at success, particularly with Michael Vick running the show.

Fast-forward to the end of 2007, Vick has just been sentenced to serve a little less than 2 years in jail for his cruel and idiotic hobby, and the Falcons are a dismal 3-10 and Falcons owner Arthur Blank is looking to push the RESET button on the franchise.  Petrino also has had to juggle QB’s in the ineffective Joey Harrington, the oft-injured Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman, who made his first start in 5 seasons last night in a blowout loss to the Saints.  Couple that with the fact that they their tailback, Warrick Dunn, is way past his prime and they don’t have much in the receiver department aside from Roddy White and Michael Jenkins, and you’ve got a no-win situation for Petrino.  I can’t blame him for not wanting to face the arduous task of trying to turn around such a mess of a roster.

“Exhibit A” as to why Bobby Petrino couldn’t cut it with the Falcons

We can now add Bobby Petrino to the list of successful collegiate head coaches such as Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, and Butch Davis who thought they could duplicate their success in the NFL and foolishly dove into the shallow end of the pool, only to hurt themselves in the end and realize they weren’t as cut out for the job as once imagined, which brings me to my next point:  When will NFL owners ever learn the vast difference there is in making the jump from college coaching to coaching a pro team and that people like Jimmy Johnson are the exception, as opposed to the norm?   Who’s going to be next amongst the best of the best in the college football coaching fraternity who dares to become the next Jimmy Johnson, and who will be the next NFL owner that foolishly thinks that such an aspiring coach will buck the trend?

Try as they might, nobody has been able to duplicate Jimmy Johnson’s college/pro success


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