Presidential Pong (And a few other tidbits)

So I was dabbling around’s politics section, and I discovered a presidential twist to an arcade classic. Personally, I’ve found John Edwards’ “Two Americas” special power to be the most effective…

A few more things to get off my chest:

  • According to a post I found on’s message board, JoePa’s boys are a 5-point favorite at the moment. Can’t say I’m surprised to hear that considering that the main thing we share in common with Texas A&M is talented but under-coached. At least at A&M, the coaches are held accountable for their on-field success…
  • It was only fitting that the wildest season ever in college football ended with one final shocker in Pitt downing West Virginia last Saturday night. It’s amazing how god-awful WVU’s offense was without a healthy Pat White to steer the ship and I have to admit, it was cool to see Dave Wannstedt finally win a meaningful game…It was like watching Charlie Brown finally kicking the football out Lucy’s hands instead of landing flat on his back.

After all these years, Wannstache finally figured out what to do with that part of the human body he’s pointing to

  • It’s that time of the year again: Tonight, CBS will be showing my favorite Christmas TV special of all time. Now Rudolph was merely one of many other Christmas specials that belonged on a VHS tape my parents recorded when I was little. Also included on the “Dream Team” set of shows were Frosty, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch, A Muppet Family Christmas, some Disney special, some Looney Tunes special…and I’m probably forgetting something but no matter, the tape was my friggin’ sanctuary as a kid and I estimate that I’ve watched and rewound that tape over and over again at least several thousand times…Even during the middle of June. Sadly, the tape died on me several years ago when my family moved into their current home, and that’s a true shame considering my parents recently bought a DVD recorder.

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