Friday Night Musings

In light of Evel Knievel’s passing, here’s a video clip to honor the only man who could make crashing his motorcycle while jumping a 150-foot Las Vegas fountain and subsequently going into a month-long coma look downright awesome. He will be missed…

In football-related news: It looks like we’re headed to the Alamo Bowl and are going to face either Texas A&M or Texas Tech. Personally, I’m hoping we take on Tech, as it will be fun to see whether their XBox360 offense will break a PSU record for most passing yards given up in a single game. Plus, I’m a big fan of their frosh stud wideout, Michael Crabtree, who has a whopping 1861 yards receiving which is a new NCAA freshman record.

Also, don’t forget that an ass-whipping of a loss against our bowl opponent may give Spanier a little more fuel to make a move regarding the non-renewal of JoePa’s contract…Not that I’ll be openly rooting for us to lose the bowl game but perhaps we could accelerate the “moving forward” process and actually re-build a program that is still in the BCS Championship talk this time of the year.

Last but not least: For those of you that grew up watching Nickelodeon in the early-mid 90’s, remember that show My Brother and Me? If yes, then perhaps you might remember this “Goo Punch” clip, probably the greatest moment from what was unfortunately a short-lived show.

And as an added bonus: Here’s a bunch of drunken white boys dancing to “Goo Punch”


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