Temple Pre-Game (Seriously?)


How many licks does it take to get to the center of Temple’s psyche? Not very many if things go the way they should this Saturday.

Look, I could go into detail about just how superior PSU is talent-wise to Billy Cosby’s alma mater but it’s just not worth it. Everyone knows there’s no comparison, even though Temple has shown some vast improvement from a year ago thanks to the efforts of PSU alum head coach Al Golden. If you really want a preview though, check out Black Shoe Diaries and The Nittany Line’s obligatory look as they have done all the dirty work for us this week.

The bottom line on this game is: We’re about a 4 touchdown favorite (26.5 points last time I saw), Temple is missing its PSU-transfer leader at QB in Adam DiMichele and their current QB Vaughan Charlton is struggling in his place. The fact that Temple’s ground game packs the same amount of power as a punch to the face from Richard Simmons also hurts them (107th in the NCAA), which may explain why the Owls are 107th in the NCAA in total offense. Defensively though, they’re not too shabby: 55th overall but here’s the catch…they are 77th in rushing in defense and only 28th in pass defense. Something tells me the reason for this discrepancy is because teams run on Temple until their tailbacks’ legs pump battery acid…And then they run some more.

As for us, expect a huge game from “Rodan Kinster” as they shouldl combine for nearly 300 yards rushing for PSU, Morelli should hardly have to throw the ball to hurt the Owls defensively. As for our defense…Please, Temple may get an early TD to keep it close for a quarter and get the 1,000 or so Temple fans in attendance riled up but there’s a better chance JoePa will break his other knee than the Owls have of moving the ball on our defense on a consistent basis. As with teams like FIU, Temple is going to need us to have our towel boys in on defense before they can actually make progress scoring-wise. Therefore, I’m sticking with my old prediction of 52-7 PSU.

To be honest with you, I really don’t care too much for this game, it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re going to kick their collective asses to the curb. However, since the bar right outside my dorm has ESPNU, I will likely venture over there around noon tomorrow for a little brunch and to watch us put the game out of reach by halftme. That means I would get to my mounds of schoolwork earlier than expected (not a bad thing at all).

So, pardon my apathy, but I’m already looking forward to seeing us raise that Land Grant Trophy for the fourth straight year when we take on our fake Big Ten rivals, Michigan State.


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