Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 7)

I got a couple of complaints this week from some loyal readers regarding my lack of commentary on the now-infamous YouTube video of Buckeye fans getting a beer shower from drunken PSU frat boys plus the fact that JoePa is no longer having his players clean up the stadium on Sundays. Before I get to this week’s rankings I figure I should give my two cents:

  • I don’t care if it was real or if it was merely a stunt between fellow frat brothers from PSU, Pitt, and OSU, the behavior of everyone involved in this act: whether it was the douchebags who actually threw beer cans or the hundred or so other idiots that condoned it by cheering the hurlers on while chanting “Fuck Ohio”, or the shit-for-brains that thought it would be cool/funny to film such an event and put it up on YouTube have utterly and completely disgraced not only my alma mater, but my hometown. It is at least, somewhat relieving to see the police are taking action in holding the Pitt student who nailed one of the OSU guys at point-blank range and the entire Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at PSU responsible.
  • Regarding the stadium clean-up, it’s really nothing blog-worthy in my opinion. Apparently, JoePa felt his team finally got the message and didn’t see the point in enforcing such an activity upon them anymore. Not like it matters much anyway, there’s only tomorrow’s home game left.

Alright, on to the rankings:

1. Ohio State (1) – Holding up what is otherwise a very unstable Big Ten fort.

2. Michigan (2) – It looks like PSU is not the only team Michigan’s got a significant win streak going against. The last time they lost to the so-called “Safety School” (Michigan State) was in 2001, when Sparty got a boost from Mister Home Clock Operator

3. Wisconsin (5) – A very impressive win for the Badgers against IU…and where the hell did their defense come from, holding the Hoosiers to a field goal?

4. Illinois (4) – Congrats on beating Ball State to earn your first bowl eligibility since the planets and the stars perfectly aligned six years ago when you won the Big Ten. Anyone noticing a trend here with Michigan State beating Michigan and Illinois winning the Big Ten in the same season? Boy, was 2001 a messed up year in college football…

5. Penn State (3) – Here’s to hoping our defense displays some of this on Saturday…

6. Purdue (6) – Hear their train a-coming into Happy Valley!

7. Iowa (10) – With IU and Northwestern getting handily beaten last Saturday, the Hawkeyes climb all the way to 7th after being left for dead by Michigan State only to come back and win in double OT.

I’m also curious to see what crazy prediction “Psychic” Tom Arnold will make for this weekend’s game against Northwestern after correctly predicting last week that RB Albert Young would score 2 TDs despite the fact he had only one TD all season long and had been kept out of the end zone for seven straight games prior to last weekend.

What is the meaning of life? Will you die tomorrow? Only “Arnold-damus” has the answer…

8. Indiana (7) – Did Indiana suddenly realize that they’re Indiana? Their offense was nowhere to be found against a very pedestrian Wisconsin defense.

9. Northwestern (8) – Looking to do the unthinkable and win their third straight against Iowa…

10. Michigan State (9) – The Ghost of Sparty’s Past, John L. Smith made an appearance last Saturday as MSU blew another lead against an opponent left for dead. Yes, Johnelle may be long gone but his spirit still continues to provide a nice slap-in-the-face to the program.

This will never cease to be funny.

11. Minnesota (11) – This week’s guest comment on the Gophers’ magically crap-tastic season comes from’s “Bottom 10” where Minny is firmly holding up the 7th spot and a Halloween-themed song is being attached to them.

“Haunted House”: Jumpin’ Gene Simmons (no, not the one from Kiss) might be blasting through the Metrodome sound system when the Gophers host Illinois.


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