Weekend Recap


Note to self: Do not promise my readers that I will put out a blog post on a certain date. From now on, I will simply use the term “sometime” to describe when my next entry will be. And in case you were wondering, the photo from above was taken by my mom, she was entertaining guests from Columbus so she trotted out a Nittany Lion doll and also snatched an OSU football doll from upstairs that she got from a friend before I was even born. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s originally from Columbus and graduated from OSU? No worries though, she’s not a sports fan so she’s switched over to the good side.

With that being said, I’ve finally gotten my spirits back to normal and have found enough down time from schoolwork to put in an entry and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” on TV. Speaking of which, one of my long-time favorite websites X-Entertainment.com has a nice write-up on this Halloween classic that you may want to check out sometime. I also find it very fitting to mention this show because we entered into Beaver Stadium looking for a very tasty treat in defeating a #1 ranked team and instead all we got was a rock.

Our team got what it deserved…a rock.

Instead of going back to PSU this past weekend, I stuck around and went to a friend’s apartment in downtown Wilmington for a Halloween party and a little bit of bar-hopping, apparently it’s tradition for all the 20-somethings in the Wilmington area to go on this bar crawl downtown.

Anyway, I had the game on in the background and did more than my share of checking out the action while mingling with everyone. When we scored the game’s first TD to go up 7-3, I really thought we were bound for another dogfight as usual in the Beav with OSU and was liking our chances to pull a repeat of 2005.

And that’s when the bottom fell out…

OSU on its next possession, systematically marched 80 yards in 6 plays to score the go-ahead TD and it was all Buckeyes from there. The offense while not terrible, did not do much to move the ball consistently and that was a killer because the defense was completely and utterly, MIA. This was easily the worst performance from Tom Bradley’s crew since 2003 when Gino Capone was our best linebacker. The D-line got manhandled by OSU’s O-line, allowing Beanie and Maurice Wells to run wild. Not to mention the fact, that our secondary was playing 8-10 yards off their receivers every time, giving OSU plenty of space to make catches and gain significant yardage after the catch. Just downright pathetic, and this was all happening at Beaver Stadium, where OSU has NEVER, I repeated NEVER kicked the living shit out of us the way they did this past Saturday night.

JoePa also made arguably his strongest case as to why next season should be his swan song: Punting the ball on 4th and 2 at OSU’s 40-yard line with 2 minutes to go in the half and down by 10 points? Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t care if we had first possession in the 2nd half, you don’t pull conservative bullshit like that against the #1 team in the nation! You need some goddamn points to get your team a little momentum going into the locker room. Plus, what did we have to lose…OSU scoring on us again? The players were reportedly dejected going into the locker room, very pissed off about the call and taking it as a sign that the coaches had already given up on the game so they ended up doing the same. Nice going there, Joe.

In retrospect, this game would likely rank as a Level 9 on Bills Simmons’ “Levels of Losing” (Full-Fledged Butt-Kicking) and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS our party decided to move on out to the bars at the beginning of the 3rd quarter right when OSU went up 24-7 on us…I was spared from having to watch the rest of the reported garbage that took place, particularly Morelli throwing his 3rd career TD pass to OSU corner Malcolm Jenkins. Plus, I got to show off my Turd Ferguson costume on the town.


I also should mention just how much praise I have for Ohio State right now. They came into an hostile environment and beat us soundly, and they are definitely for real. They are well-coached, well-prepared, and they know how to execute their plays. In fact, this team is very reminiscent of the 2002 national title team, they’re not going to “wow” anybody with the way they beat opponents but at the end of the day they get the job done one way or another.  There wasn’t much buzz about these guys to start the season as they were coming off a devastating loss in the BCS title game and had to replace some key players (most notably Troy Smith). If you had told most Buckeye fans back in August that their team was going back to the BCS title game they would’ve looked at you like you just suggested that John Cooper was the greatest coach in OSU football history, but look at where they stand. Just like last year, #1 is the Buckeyes’ to lose and I don’t see it being relinquished anytime soon.

As for thoughts on the rest of the college football weekend in general, forget about it…I’m not in the mood for it right now. I will though, have the weekly Big Ten power rankings up “sometime” this week so keep posted for that.


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