Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 6)

I apologize for the major delay in getting this weeks’ power rankings up as I’ve finally found a smidgen of time to throw in a blog post. Before I get to the rankings though, I feel I should provide some closure on last weekend’s college football action since I did not do my typical Monday recap. Unfortunately, being as pressed for time as I am, I will simply use a picture to describe my thoughts on this past weekend:


That’s correct, Les Miles hasn’t shown any signs of shrinkage over the past couple weeks.  In case you missed it, LSU was trailing Auburn by one point with about 10 seconds left when Miles, with his team already well within field goal range, decided to have his QB throw one deep into the end zone which was caught for a TD…with one second remaining.  Had the pass been incomplete, it likely would’ve been game over and the message boards at LSU’s site would’ve been in total meltdown.  Instead, Miles is hailed as a hero for a rather ballsy but still idiotic play call.

And now, onto the rankings:

1. Ohio State (1) – We’ll find out just how “for real” the Buckeyes are when they face arguably their biggest challenge of the season. If they can survive the gauntlet that is Beaver Stadium at night, look for OSU to make their second straight BCS Championship Game appearance.

2. Michigan (2) – Not only did they manage to rally from a 14-3 defecit on the road at a team and atmosphere like Illinois’ but they managed to do it with Mike Hart standing on the sidelines in street clothes. Only thing keeping them from retaining #1 in these rankings is the school that’s beaten them 5 out of the last 6 meetings.

3. Penn State (3) – “Nothing to lose, plenty to gain” lives here…

4. Illinois (4) – Wasted a huge opportunity to prove to a national audience that they were for real. Now, Ron Zook is faced with a task that he’s had trouble quelling his first two seasons in Champaign: healing a losing streak.

5. Wisconsin (5) – Beating the living crap out of the #6 team in this week’s’s Bottom 10 doesn’t get you anywhere on HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings.


The Badgers are still stuck on the Island of Misfit Mascots

6. Purdue (6) – Well, at least Purdue still has the ability to beat somebody in the Big Ten (Iowa)…

7. Indiana (9) – Two years ago, NFL bottom-feeders were purposely tanking games to win the “Reggie Bush Sweepstakes” Will you see perhaps, the Rams or the Dolphins vying for the first crack at James Hardy?

8. Northwestern (7) – The offensive fireworks will explode like a Chinese New Year Parade when the Wild-Kitties do battle with Purdue this Saturday.

9. Michigan State (8) – There were some undertones of Sparty’s 1998 upset of #1 OSU this past Saturday. Particularly, when OSU nearly allowed them to rally from a 24-0 defecit. Unfortunately for Sparty, John Cooper has long since been fired.

10. Iowa (10) – If you’re a fan of cripple fights, circle Nov. 10th on your calendar because that’s when the Hawkeyes play host to…..

11. Minnesota (11) – Folks, it’s no mystery that Minnesota is easily not only the worst team in the Big Ten but one of the worst teams in Division I-A football right now. I’m going to do something different this week and let a couple other bloggers speak for themselves regarding the state of Golden Gopher football:


Minnesota fired Glen Mason because they thought they could do better. They lost to North Dakota State on Saturday, a team that is moving into D-1AA this year. We compose a haiku to summarize our feelings.

Firing is tricky.
Glen Mason sucks; you still suck.
Next time, try decaf.

From Minnesota blogger Paging Jim Shikenjanski:

Anyone notice the smug look on Glen Mason’s face during the BTN halftime report? He’s gotta be loving watching Brewster’s Gophers struggle.


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  1. keith says:

    hey there coach les this is keith mccray and im a prospect geting leters from lsu im a athlete from liberty county right next to blountstown and im exited about geting recuted

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