As I said earlier, I did not watch this game on TV at all, I relied simply on the radio and on my cell phone’s web browser for score updates. However, from what I’ve read and from the highlights I’ve watched on ESPN.com, it looks like we were somewhat fortunate to come away victorious. Nonetheless, a win’s a win so I’ll gladly take our 6-2, 3-2 Big Ten mark, current bowl eligibility, and imminent return to the Top 25 tomorrow.

A few other thoughts:

  • Morelli started out a little slow with an early INT, but redeemed himself with a couple clutch TD passes and from what I listened to on the radio, sounded pretty consistent with his throws. Those of you who were watching on TV though can help correct me if I’m wrong on this one.
  • We’re having as much bad luck with injuries as the basketball team: Jared Odrick and Matt Hahn have just left us even more depleted at D-line and fullback. Sadly, this was Hahn’s last year so his ACL tear marks the end of his PSU career so thank you Matt, for representing the Blue & White these past four years and I hope you recover well enough have a successful career in the pros.
  • Kinlaw and Royster did not put up impressive numbers (neither tailback broke 70 total yards rushing) but nonetheless, came up with some big carries when needed the most, especially with Kinlaw scoring the TD that put PSU up 36-24 on a critical drive late in the game.
  • Justin King= Overrated. I really hope the kid is strongly considering coming back for his senior year to improve on his tackling skills.
  • James Hardy= The man. IU’s receiving stud is 6’7″ and speedy, a combination that should make him a Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft someday.
  • Kellen Lewis=Juice Williams with a throwing arm.
  • Could we have at least gotten one TD out of our 4 turnovers we forced in the 2nd half? Sure, it was great to see Kevin Kelly has improved in his FG kicking from last year, but this game would’ve been over much sooner had we been able to finish the Hoosiers off with a couple of TDs, particularly after Mo Evans’ amazing hit-and-fumble recovery all the way to IU’s 10 yard line.
  • I STILL like our chances against OSU next week.  An 8 PM kickoff against the #1 team in the land, with 110,000 fans sporting an average BAC of .20 making some noise? Somebody call up LSU’s department of Geology and ask to borrow their seismograph…

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