We’re Gonna Need a MONTAGE

I realize I’m rather late getting these pictures up but goddamn, was it an effort to try and shrink the photos down to a reasonable enough size to be displayed properly on this stupid thing. Anyway, I present to you my photo montage taken from my digital camera during last weekend’s shellacking of the Badgers.


This was taken during my walk down Curtin Road towards a tailgate by the Jordan Center parking lot across from Beaver Stadium. The “Apply Here” tent I’m presuming, was for the QB coach position.


Ed DeChellis being asked by Jeff Brown (A popular local radio guy in State College) about his thoughts on the upcoming basketball season on a local radio pre-game show. Here’s an exerpt from the interview:

JB: Coach, I believe even the Hellen Keller School For The Blind/Deaf/Dumb shot lights-out from the perimeter on your team last year, how do you plan to remedy this situation?

ED: Well, our boys just have to keep workin’ hard…Workin’ for the weekend…We just gotta keep workin’ hard.

JB: Do you don’t not have an answer?

ED: No, we do.

JB: You do realize that last question was a double negative, right?

ED: I don’t have an answer.


A view from my seat at the game.  Can you dig it?  I said, CAN…YOU…DIG IT?


Here’s a random scoreboard shot for ya.


First, there was “Thriller”, then there was “Napoleon Dynamite”, and now we’ve got “Saturday Night Fever.” What’s next, “You Got Served?”


Bucky Badger (whom I have conveniently circled for you) tries to start something with the Alumni Blue Band. He’s just asking for it…


And of course, the Nittany Lion comes to the rescue, beating Bucky to a pulp and sending him back to the Island of Misfit Mascots with the Sexual Harrassment Panda.


This was taken after we scored yet another TD.


JoePa (circled) zeroing in on the field as if it were a Country Kitchen Buffet.

And as an added bonus, here’s a video clip I took of Wisconsin’s entrance through the visitor’s tunnel (bags of urine not included).


One Response to We’re Gonna Need a MONTAGE

  1. jangalang jones says:

    Don’t make us dislocate Old Joe’s knee again.

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