Blue-White Roundtable: Hoosier Favorite Blogger?

Thanks to Run Up The Score for making up the questions for me to mooch from this week.

And of course, the rest of the posse has their answers already up: Black Shoe Diaries, The Nittany Line, There Is No Name On My Jersey, The Nittany Notebook, and William Yurasko.

1. Two consecutive games, two dominating performances by the Nittany Lion running game. Why the drastic change in production?

The coaches’ discovery of Evan Royster certainly helped, but Rodney Kinlaw has stepped up nicely as well. It also helps that the offensive line has learned how to open up holes for our tailbacks. The Kinlaw/Royster backfield should make for a dynamic running duo the rest of the season.

2. Since the departure of Tom Osborne before the 1998, Nebraska quickly fired Frank Solich, hired a bad NFL coach, and on Monday fired its Athletic Director. Is there any way to avoid this sort of fiasco when Joe Paterno eventually retires?

Yes. When Tim Curley gets canned, don’t replace him with Steve Pederson.

On a side note: My favorite message board regarding college football has several Nebraska fans on it, and the Pederson-bashing was pretty much non-stop from day one. I’ve lost count of how many derogatory nicknames were used to describe him (“Pedercunt” and “Pederdick” are two that come to mind) Make no mistake about it, Pederson is on every Husker fan’s hit list and for his own safety’s sake, should seek refuge far away from the Midwest.

3. Terrelle Pryor is on the verge of crossing Penn State off his list, if he hasn’t already. Does Penn State absolutely have to sign a quarterback in this class, or can we afford to wait until next season?

Darryl Clark and Pat Devlin are only a year apart from each other eligibility-wise and it seems both have the ability to be a star in future seasons so we’re going have a big enough QB dilemma over the next two years so adding Pryor to the mix just tangles things up even more. Pryor would no doubt be an excellent grab, but the position we’re recruiting him for is not an absolute necessity (unlike RB) for us to get one in this class. I never had much faith in Pryor committing to us in the first place, so I guess I can’t say I’m as utterly disappointed as some other PSU fans may be.

Lightning Round
Describe a scenario in which Penn State ties for the conference title. Obviously, Penn State has to beat Ohio State. What other dominoes need to fall?

Way too freakin’ many. In fact, I’m going to quote Run Up The Score’s answer to this one since he actually took the time out to solve this puzzle:

Okay, okay. Ohio State loses to Michigan and Penn State. Michigan loses to Illinois and Wisconsin. Illinois loses to Ohio State. I think that’s a four way tie.

Will Penn State have its typical lazy start in a noon road game?

I feel the coaching staff and the players are finally on the same page. They both know what works and what doesn’t and they will come out prepared and ready to hammer at Indiana from the opening kick and not give the Hoosiers even a glimmer of hope at pulling the upset.

Score prediction?

You know what? Screw it, I’m sticking with the prediction I made in my friend’s prediction pool before the season started: PSU 41, IU 17.


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