Basketball? You Betcha.

NOTE: Being a big basketball junkie myself, you can count on HHV to have plenty of coverage of not only PSU basketball, but also on college basketball in general. If I have a little more spare time, I’ll even throw in my two cents on what’s happening in the NBA.

As some of you may know, official practices began for college programs all across the nation last Friday. Some of the more established college hoops powerhouses held their own “Midnight Madness” events, even though the NCAA changed its rules a few years ago to allow practices to begin Friday at 7:00 as opposed to Friday at Midnight. Perhaps the biggest fireworks of all occurred down at Kentucky where they’re going “Ga-Ga” for Billy Gillispie.

Meanwhile, back in Happy Valley, there has been…Well, we really don’t know what there’s been because there’s been NO EFFING COVERAGE of what went on during the first day of practice! The team started practice on Friday like everyone else in the country and what’s the only piece of news on them? A Dodgeball Tourament. Granted, it was for a great cause as about $6700 was raised for THON (For you non-PSU people: here’s a THON 101 lesson for you), and the field was raised to 96 teams from its intended 64 team format because it was that immensely popular. Plus, the champion ended up being a team called “The Amish National Team.”

Additionally, I nearly spit out my water from laughter when I read this excerpt from Monday’s Collegian:

And while the team didn’t compete, senior forward Brandon Hassell joked the players could take the tournament. Junior guard Nikola Obradovic laughed and said Hassell can’t even catch.

Alright, I really digressed but back to my point…Would it have hurt the people at the Daily Collegian or Centre Daily Times to send their basketball beat writers to practice and take some notes? If there’s room for a fucking rugby match to be covered in the sports section of Monday’s Collegian, then there sure as hell had better be some hoops coverage! The whole “nobody cares” argument doesn’t fly either: There’s still more people that care about PSU hoops than they do rugby.


See that, Collegian? Do you get THIS kind of atmosphere at rugby games? I didn’t think so!

Luckily for all of us, I have a small write-up I had posted as a guest column on Black Shoe Diaries last week detailing some thoughts about the team, so that will have to suffice for now. Whenever I find the time, I will do a little more analysis regarding this year’s schedule and as the start of the regular season nears, will offer my predictions on where the program will be come March.



One Response to Basketball? You Betcha.

  1. pittanylion says:

    Noticed the line about Hassell too. Too true.

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