Welcome To Slackers.

It’s been a screwy week with my work load in school and whatnot, combine that with the fact that I arrived in Happy Valley later than expected last night and couldn’t find time to blog and you’ve got a blog in disarray.

I should also throw out a fore-warning that updates will probably be less frequent now that things are starting to get dead effin’ serious with school. I will of course, have my weekly Big Ten Power Rankings and plan on adding a new twist to my “Friday Predictions” segment. I’m going to leave you in suspense and keep it a secret.

Now, onto my super-abbreviated predictions for this weekend.

#10 USC (-21) at Arizona – USC, 35-10

#1 LSU (-10) at #17 Kentucky – LSU 27-17

#11 Missouri (-10.5) at #6 Oklahoma – OU 35-31

And last but not least:

#19 Wisconsin (+6.5) at Penn State – PSU, 31-24

What I’m going to be doing later tonight:


One Response to Welcome To Slackers.

  1. wooooooooo,
    i like it
    i hope you will be posting some more there ,

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