Kentucky upsetting LSU in 3 OTs?  Are you kidding me?  Does ANYBODY want to have the #1 ranking in college football right now?   At this rate, we’re looking at a South Florida-Hawaii BCS Championship Game…

Just a few quick thoughts on today’s ass-beating:

  • With all the off-field distractions of the HUB fight, JoePa’s “road rage”, and Austin Scott’s rape charges, it was great to see this team respond in such a positive way.  You could tell from the start that they all just wanted to go out there, play football, and forget about all the off-field crap for a few hours.
  •  Sure, we ended up scoring a TD on that 4th and 1 gamble to go up 24-7.  But our coaching staff once again showed its lack of decisiveness:  Either send the kicker out there or hurry up and get your offense back out there before the opposing defense has a chance to get themselves set!
  • Does Wisconsin’s D-coordinator show his players scouting tapes at all?  I counted about 3-4 times that we ran a swing pass to Terrell Golden and nobody was there to stop it after every other defense we’ve played all year managed to do so.

One Response to Un-Freakin’-Believable!

  1. Here’s another thought, related to Morelli being in his comfort zone. I lifted it from this morning’s Nittany Turkey rant, which was rather bombastic, so please forgive the excessive verbiage:

    this Turkey believes that there is strong correlation between Morelli’s higher than usual comfort level in Saturday’s successful stomping of Wisconsin and that game’s strategic plan being much better suited to his mindset than were the game plans in his worst efforts. The conservative game plans seen heretofore in the Michigan and Illinois games doubtlessly drove young Anthony to distraction. Give him a situation in which he can throw the ball down-field all day to win the game and he becomes focused on the job at hand; otherwise, his head is not in the game. This Turkey’s psychological assessment implicates both the coaches’ ability to construct decent game plans that take advantage of the talent level, capabilities, and psyche of the players they have to work with and Morelli’s lack of maturity. Regarding the latter, I think Morelli’s lack of focus in some of the games he has played poorly was a subconscious protest against doing things he didn’t want to do—a child’s I don’t wanna. Coaches who at other times play guardians to Morelli’s hypersensitive ego by shielding him from the press and otherwise coddling him should also consider the pernicious effects of their 1985 game plan on his mindset. In summation, Morelli needs to grow up and the coaches need to untighten their asses.

    Just thought I’d lay that thought out there for all to throw darts at.


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