Yet Another Reason To Like Radiohead…

As some of you might know, Radiohead made its latest album “In Rainbows” available for downloading straight from its website upon its release yesterday. Here’s the link.

The basic premise is that the band is allowing you, Joe Downloader, to name your price when getting the album. You can download it for free if you like, or you can throw in $100 just because you can and because you just love Radiohead yet much. It’s a good move on their part, and it’s refreshing to see a band truly care for its fans by doing a gesture such as this.

Personally, even though I could easily just download the album for free and play the whole “poor law student” card, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to shell out $10 to show my support for the band, they’ve earned it.

Unfortunately, I still have yet to receive a confirmation email giving me downloading instructions so I have yet to sample any of the tracks. In the meantime, the classic “Paranoid Android” music video will have to suffice.


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