Blue-White Roundtable: Halfway Home

Hard to believe we’re already into the backstretch of the 2007 football season! This week I’m mooching the questions from There Is No Name On My Jersey. Also participating as usual are RUTS, Yurakso, TNL, BSD, and TNN

1. Criminal allegations swirl around the squad — what impact will this have on the team? My own “fall off of my high horse of PSU’s sterling reputation” has been terrible, have you experienced the same?

Our once proud image of consistently fielding a team that performs admirably on and off the field has been tarnished, and it started long before this year…Remember back in 2003 when we had enough legal incidents to field an entire starting lineup? The problems spilled into the 2004 season as well, though to a lesser extent. Then of course, you had Arrow-Gate and Dan Connor’s “Crank Yankers” audition in 2005. 2006 was relatively quiet, but in retrospect it seems like the calm before the Class-3 hurricane that has been the 2007 season.

The police still have yet to sort out the mess involving the HUB fight this past weekend, so until some suspensions are announced/handed down I’m not sure if our team is going to be affected any more than they already have been by the prior incidents, they will simply go out on the field this Saturday and try to live up to their billing as the favorite against Wisconsin.

One thing I will say though, is that it seems JoePa has lost it in terms of being able to lay down the hammer. His whole idea of getting his team to shape up by forcing them to get up at the crack of down to clean the stadium after home games on Sunday mornings has completely backfired on him. At this rate, my guess is as good as yours regarding when these sorry excuses for off the field behavior will come to a halt.

2. Evan Royster provided Penn State with the Spark it needed to get going on Saturday, did he win himself the starting job? If not, how does your depth chart read at RB and why?

Yes, Kinlaw did redeem himsef nicely following his opening drive fumble. But let’s remember that he came into the game mid-3rd quarter only after Evan Royster had injured himself and more importantly, had already tired out Iowa’s defense. If it were up to me, I would still give Royster the bulk of the carries but Kinlaw would provide a nice change of pace when Royster needs a breather.

3. Anthony Morelli gets it done while looking both awful and excellent in the same game. What the hell is PSU supposed to do at QB?

Unless Morelli royally screws up and throws 3 consecutive INTs to start the game, he’s going to be our guy whether we like it or not. Let’s just hope we can blow out a couple opponents early and get Clark/Devlin some PT.

Lightning Round

What games are you watching on Saturday?

Unfortunately, this looks like a very weak weekend for college football as there are very few intriguing matchups besides LSU-Kentucky and maybe BC-Notre Dame which unfortunately are being played at the same time as our clash with Wisconsin, which I am going to be coming back to town to watch in person.

I may take a glance at the two major night games: Auburn-Arkansas and Colorado-Kansas State, but I’ll be too busy partying it up somewhere in “Happy Hour Valley” (Yes! I’ve finally used my blog’s title in all its rightfulness!) to really care all that much.

What are your predictions for the second half of the season?

If you were to put a gun to my head I’d say we win the rest of our home games (Yes, including an upset over Ohio State) but lose one more on the road either at Indiana or Michigan State. I’ll go with IU since MSU is headed towards its annual Sparty Collapse and as terrible of a road team as we are, MSU’s woes will be enough to lift us to a win in East Lansing.

So, that leaves us at 9-3 with another berth in the Bloomin’ Onion Bowl. Crikey!
Who will be PSU’s MVP come January?

Evan Royster…I’m totally serial.


2 Responses to Blue-White Roundtable: Halfway Home

  1. L B says:

    1. I am in love with Roysta the Oysta. Not sure why he got dubbed (by myself and another student) this nickname, but it is fun to say. I agree with you on all Roysta the Oysta points.
    2. PT for Clark needs to come sooner than later. I love his style. I love his relationship with the guys on the field—and added bonus he makes wise decisions (interesting concept for a PSU QB, I know)
    3. Cleaning the stadium—I just think its funny. I have friends on the team and to call them and hear them say “I gotta call you back, I’m cleaning the stadium” now that is hilarious. I think that was the best decision JoePa has made in his punishments—but what is he supposed to do when guys get Underages and beat the crap out of other students? I don’t have any suggestions. They are 19 and 20 year old celebrities to over 45,000 people. Its a life I won’t EVER understand!
    4. You didn’t mention the Austin Scott incident—or I guess lack of one since he isn’t an essential part of the team anyways. But it still makes for good news. I don’t know if you read The Collegian today but apparently he is suspended b/c he was seen at a bar last Thursday night. I wonder if there is more to the story….hmmmm.

  2. 1. I had no idea Royster already had a nickname. That’s gotta be some sort of land-speed record.

    2. As for Clark, I can’t make any real judgments on him until I see him go through a season as “The Man.” I would nonetheless be willing to bet mentally he’s more stable than a certain other QB

    3. I cleaned the stadium last year with the Cross-Country Club, we got our section done in under 3 hours which was a record for stadium cleanup. It certainly helps to have 100+ people in your group.

    4. I already did mention the Scott incident, it’s in one of my more recent posts. At the time I published this post though, I hadn’t heard any new details about Scott.

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