So I was doing a random check of my blog stats to see just how many more people found me via google searches for Jake Locker, Oregon’s uniforms, or the Notre Dame/Michigan “Real Men of Genius” parodies and came across a real shocking stat: I’ve already got 100+ views in 4 hours. It normally takes most of the 24 hours in a day to get 100+ readers. A big reason for this unusually high level of activity is the 59 people who have found me through the “Lions Den” section of the BWI rivals board.

Unfortunately, I need a subscription in order to read the post on the Lions Den board appropriately titled “Yet Another PSU Blog” so I can’t find out what exactly is being said about this site. My guess would be something derogatory.

Nonetheless, I welcome all of you who have recently found me through BWI or elsewhere, I hope you’re enjoying the site, and don’t hesitate to drop a comment on one of my posts.


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