The Valley Is Burning…

Any chance John Turturro will portray Joe Paterno when ESPN someday does a mini-series based on the tumultuous 2007 Penn State football season (except with a far less happier ending than with the ’77 Yankees and with no George Steinbrenner-like boss getting into heated clashes with JoePa)?

What started with a seemingly promising year catapulted by a momentum-building Outback Bowl win has led to the “Apartment-Gate” incident this past spring, to lack of senior leadership on the field, to crappy coaching, to reports of infighting within the program and now, we can add more legal trouble to the list as WJAC-TV’s website is now reporting that Austin Scott’s locker is being cleared and he is being given the boot from the program. At the same time, Penn State police are investigating an alleged sexual assault involving a football player that took place in the Nittany Apartments on campus around 4 AM Friday morning.

Even though we can all put 2 and 2 together and come up with an educated guess as to who will end up being charged with the incident in question, I’m not going to comment on anything until charges are formally filed. Regardless, what’s happening to Scott and this latest “legal black-eye” is just another sad chapter in what could ultimately end up being the most disastrous season in recent memory, perhaps more disastrous than any of the “Dark Years” seasons.

Anthony Morelli was supposed to have built off his performance from the Outback Bowl and become the prolific passer that people would be comparing to Kerry Collins by the end of this year, Austin Scott was supposed to be the second coming of LJ (bursting out of nowhere as a 5th-year senior to emerge as our rushing leader), and our receivers were going to be catching everything left and right, and become serious red zone threats, particularly Chris Bell. Instead, we’re left with a QB who can’t run a 2nd-grade bake sale let alone a 2-minute drill, a running back with fumble-itis, and receivers who are left hanging out to dry because of either poor decisions by Morelli (throwing at Andrew Quarless into double coverage while not realizing he’s got Deon Butler wide open streaking down the left sideline) or by an inept coaching staff that fails to utilize potential studs like Chris Bell on a regular basis.

Anyway, I’m going to get some shuteye now, but brace yourselves folks: I have a feeling that we haven’t sunk to the bottom just yet.


3 Responses to The Valley Is Burning…

  1. And now….Joe Suhey and Ryan Breen get nailed for underage drinking! Sure does point to a total absence of team leadership from this Turkey’s perspective!


  2. Joe who? Ryan who? Do they even dress for the games? Yea, it’s still a tad alarming to still see guys getting in trouble after the latest black eye but the players you mention are probably on Stephen Colbert’s “Dead To Me” list.

  3. […] I’ve already commented on the fragile state of the program so I really have nothing left to say except, “Please Tom Cruise, make it stop!” […]

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