Thirsty Th-riday?

Well, since I couldn’t fit in my “Thirsty Thursday” segment on its intended date, I’m gonna make it up to you now by squeezing it in along with a down-sized edtion of my Friday predictions because I’m in desperate need of a nap right now. So, let’s get this puppy started:

Here’s a news article that is “soooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants”: Female Ninjas robbing a PA gas station

What happens when you cross Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with Bollywood? I’ll let you guys answer that one, at least whoever edited this video was kind enough to translate the lyrics for us.

Run Up The Score will also crap his pants after viewing this trailer for “Punch-Out!! The Movie.”

Alright, onto my abbreviated version of Friday Predictions:

#5 West Virginia (-7.0) at #18 South Florida: The Mountaineers have been deadset on revenge since a devastating upset loss at home to USF last year. I was initially tempted to pick the Bulls to make it two in a row against WVU, but then I saw this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The “Lou Holtz Pep Talk of Death” has claimed his latest victim thanks to an poll which asked viewers to choose a team for him to give a motivational speech to. The choices were Washington or USF and it was a very close vote between the schools, who were frantically trying to vote for each other in an effort to avoid the wrath of Holtz.

Unfortunately, at this point my fucking WordPress froze up, thanks to my internet going down for a minute. I had a couple detailed write-ups on the USC-Washington and Michigan State-Wisconsin battles but they’re all gone and shot to shit. So I’ll just recap quickly who I’m picking and why.

USC (-20.5) over Washington – Trojans should easily cover the spread, Washington’s defense is terrible and even though Jake Locker is my homeboy, he’s going to have to throw for 500 yards to beat this tenacious USC defense because he’s not getting much on the ground against a Trojan team that ranks in the Top 10 in rush defense. Not like I’m trying to suggest that Locker throwing for 500 yards is far-fetched or anything…

Wisconsin (-7.5) over Michigan State – The Spartans will beat the spread but will come up thisshort of victory. I like Wisconsin’s home field advantage a little too much and think that P.J. Hill will tire out a Spartan team that apparently lacks depth.

  • Last but not least, it appears that U.S. Women’s Soccer coach Greg Ryan has unseated Grady Little for the most bone-headed coaching move of the decade, putting in Brianna Scurry (whom some of you may remember had the clutch penalty-kick block in the 1999 Women’s World Cup final which can be summed up in two words: sports bra) at goalie prior to their semifinal matchup against Brazil, replacing Hope Solo, the goalie who had started in all of the U.S.’ World Cup games. Needless to say, the move took a complete diarrhea dump on Greg Ryan’s face as the U.S. lost 4-nil. Forget about the fact that she had not given up a goal in almost 300 minutes prior to the Brazil match…you benched a player named Hope Solo? Shoot yourself, “Greedo.”

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  2. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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