Late-Night Predictions

A few things you’re certain to find late at night: Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, Girls Gone Wild promos, and of course new blog posts courtesy of yours truly. Some intriguing storylines will play themselves out tomorrow: Can Miami hang with Oklahoma on the road? Will Michigan rebound from the crane kick to the face they suffered last week? How many buckets of hair gel will Jimmy Clausen go through during pre-game? Do Germans REALLY love David Hasselhoff?

Note: All betting lines are taken from Yahoo’s College Pick ‘Em and are posted up here for fun. HHV does not discourage nor condone sports betting.

Miami (+10.5) at Oklahoma – An excellent choice for a noon game to kick off your Saturday viewing. Miami is coming off a dominant performance over Marshall but now faces reality with a trip to Sooner Country. The whole nation will become familiar with OU’s QB Sam Bradford and RB DeMarco Murray after tomorrow, even with Luther Campbell back on the Miami sidelines offering bounties to Miami players to knock them out of the game. Look for “Boomer Sooner” to cover the spread.

Oregon (+7) at Michigan – New rule: If you lose to a Div. I-AA opponent, you are automatically barred from being the favorite the following week, even if your next opponent is the Coast Guard (whom I believe Notre Dame is scheduled to go up against sometime in November). Like App State, Oregon features a dual-threat QB in Dennis Dixon, just what the doctor ordered. Fortunately for Lloyd Carr’s crew, Oregon sports the typical Pac-10 defense (See: None). I’ll take Oregon to beat the spread but I think Michigan pulls this one out in the end. I’m also crossing my fingers in hope that the Ducks sport those piss-yellow uniforms tomorrow.

If this were a fashion contest, the line would be Oregon (- eleventy billion)

Boise State (-3) at Washington – This is my upset pick for this week. Washington QB Jake Locker was on fire against Syracuse last Friday, going 14-for-19 passing for 142 yards and garnering 10 carries for 83 yards and a pair of TDs. Husky fans dubbed Locker as the program’s savior when he arrived on campus a year ago and after he goes Chuck Norris on the Boise defense this Saturday, you’ll find UW’s fan base to be a tad less senile.

If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Jake Locker

Virginia Tech (+12.5) at LSU – If College Gameday decided to go down to Baton Rouge this weekend because they felt that Notre Dame-PSU was going to be a lopsided affair, then it’s apparent they didn’t watch a single minute of the Hokies’ offensive struggles against East Carolina last week. Va Tech stumbled to a 17-7 victory with just one offensive touchdown at home against a 27.5-point underdog who was missing its top QB. The Hokies’ running game was non-existent and QB Sean Glennon aside from getting sacked four times, constantly missed wide-open receivers. LSU has already taken apart an incompetent Mississippi State offense on the road last week and looks to do the same thing this week in the friendly confines of “Death Valley” (and cause me to continue cursing myself for picking Va Tech to win the ACC). The emotional honeymoon is over for the Hokies, LSU covers the spread with little trouble.


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