Blue-White Roundtable

Thanks to Nick and Galen at The Nittany Line for coming up with this week’s questions for outer-circle members like myself to mooch from. RUTS, BSD, TINNOMJ, WilliamYurasko and newcomer to the inner-circle, The Nittany Blog also have some quality responses. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase…

1. Which is worse: having your parachute fail to open while skydiving or losing to Appalachian State?

After seeing one of the most disturbing YouTube videos ever on RUTS, I’m gonna go with losing to App State…at least the parachuter survived.

2. Is it too early to worry about the running game?

Let’s put it this way: Remember last year when everyone started panicking about our ground game after it struggled mightily against Akron? Well, the next week Tony Hunt got 74 yards on 12 carries (6.2 avg) and went on to have several solid games throughout the season. If we could run it to a certain degree of success on ND last year with an O-line that wasn’t as good as this year’s, I don’t see why we can’t do it again this Saturday.

3. Is just a win enough to satisfy you this weekend against Notre Dame or are there qualifiers on a victory to make it acceptable?

I’ll be greatly disappointed if we win by less than 30 points…I keed! I keed!(sort of). I’ll accept any margin of victory so long as the defense gives Jimmy Clausen several “Welcome To College Football” moments, Scott/Kinlaw/Royster go “Speedy Gonzales” on the ground, and Morelli lights up the ND secondary like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.

Lightning Round

Got a ticket, praying for a ticket, or watching the game somewhere else this weekend?

Luckily for me, my dad has had 2 season tickets since 1994 so there will be a ticket waiting for me when I go home to State College this Friday. I’ll be up in Section NA, 38th row (basically, in the area where the visitor’s tunnel is located) just like the good ol’ days of grade school.

What non-PSU game are you looking forward to this weekend?

I’m most interested in seeing how Michigan attempts to bounce back against Oregon. Unfortunately, it’s a 3:30 PM kickoff and I’ll likely be out tailgating by that time so unless there happens to be somebody with a TV hookup nearby, I may be out of luck. I know TCU-Texas is a 7 PM kickoff so hopefully I can get home in time after our game to see if TCU is giving the ‘Horns as much of a run as Arkansas State did last week. I’m not particularly interested in the game that follows us on ESPN, I’m talking Virginia Tech-LSU. LSU is going to blow VT right out of the water.


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