Thank You Touchdown Jesus!!!

After coming off one of the greatest weekends ever for a PSU fan (PSU winning handily while Michigan, Notre Dame, and Florida State tail-spinned towards defeat), I figured things would die down a bit before this upcoming Saturday’s showdown with the Fightin’ Irish.

But lo and behold, Fat Charlie is pulling out the stops and naming Jimmy Clausen the starting QB for this upcoming Saturday!  This is far and away the greatest news I’ve heard so far this week, what better way to get your QB his first career start than against a top-notch defense led by one of the most destructive linebacker/secondary groups in the country in a stadium that features what Kirk Herbstreit once called “The best student section in the country”?  This also adds more fuel to our defense’s fire…as if they weren’t already motivated enough by last year’s embarrassment in South Bend.  Now, our defense will make damn sure that they don’t get beat at home by a freshman prima-donna lining up under center.   Look for Clausen to suffer a beat-down similar to that South Park episode where the Pee-wee hockey players get completely annihilated by the Detroit Red Wings.


One Response to Thank You Touchdown Jesus!!!

  1. You have absolutely no idea how much this video made me laugh.

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