Fun With Google Searches

Now that I’ve gotten more than ten entries under my belt, people are starting to track me down with some well…interesting Google search terms. Yeah, I know this is a total rip-off of Run Up The Score’s “You Found Me” columns but hey, if Leno and Conan can both do “Headlines” then RUTS and I can both post the improbable paths random Googlers traveled in order to find our respective sites.

how to spell anthony in italian (2) – I checked out this google-search myself and couldn’t find the answer (no, I did not click on my own link). I did however find a link to my website at the bottom of Page 2…

Spell of Italian name (1) – What the….Wait a minute, could it be…No, no, it can’t be…Holy shit!!! I think I may have my first ever celebrity viewer!!! I hope you enjoyed the site Miss Teen South Carolina!

how to spell happy in italian (1) – F-E-L-I-C-E.

Happy Hour hardcorepartying (1) – I triple-dog dare those of you reading this column at work to type this into the Google search prompt and then click “I’m Feeling Lucky”

“american gladiators theme song” (1) – I’ve been frantically trying to find an MP3 that I can somehow embed on here. No such luck.

2007 college gameday theme song (1) – Thankfully, “Big ‘n Rich” won’t be “comin’ to our cit-ayyy” no more

happy hour valley (4) – What can I say? Word spreads rather quickly these days…


One Response to Fun With Google Searches

  1. coffee says:

    Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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