Countdown To College Football…After Dark.

First of all, I’d like to thank Run Up The Score and The Nittany Turkey for pimping out this site. As a result, I ended up with 77 views yesterday (technically speaking, it is Tuesday morning here in Delaware), crushing my previous record of 27 views. I am now anxiously awaiting the day that this blog hits the century mark…

And now boys & girls, it’s time once again for another YouTube dandy to get you psyched for the start of the season (Only 2 days away!). Tonight’s video takes us back five years to 2002 where Ohio State, down 6-3 at Purdue and facing a “4th-and-BCS title hopes” situation scored the winning TD on a deep connection from Craig Krenzel (rumored to be the first student-athlete in Ohio State football history) to Michael Jenkins, subsequently causing Brent Musberger to have a seizure from the excitement of watching his adopted team win in such dramatic fashion. Enjoy.


5 Responses to Countdown To College Football…After Dark.

  1. Pete the Streak says:

    Brent. Musberger. Sucks.

    Holy Buckeye?? WTF?

    Thankfully, HHV – only 4 more days.

  2. PSUgirl says:

    Gosh I dislike tosu. They stole that season – most egregiously from NC State and Philip Rivers – They’re the reason we now have instant replay – but I did root for them in the title game –

  3. I was actually born in Columbus (my mom grew up there and graduated from OSU) but moved to State College at the age of one. I’ve been back to Columbus many times since (though not for the past few years since my grandma no longer lives there) and I have to admit I’m partial to the Buckeyes. Rest assured though, PSU has top priority on the cheering ladder or else I would have no business writing this blog.

  4. Pete the Streak says:

    Gee, HHV – I also was born in Ohio; Cincinnatti, to be exact. I knew there was a good reason to like you! Our family roots, however, are in SE Pa., which is where we returned during my stress-filled 1st grade year.

    Dad was PSU ’50, but while an agent in Ohio attended many OSU games with his field office honchos. And THAT, Sir, is the extent of OUR familial OSU ties.

    Nice, though, that your Mom has two great programs to root for, as do you.

    4 more days……….

  5. PSUgirl says:

    Good to hear that PSU is on the top rung. I’m a Park Forest kid myself – moved to the big bad city for grad school (still here).

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