The Three Caballeros

So, the team captains were announced yesterday. Dan Connor was a no-brainer, it would have been a crime to have excluded him as a captain. Terrell Golden makes sense as well, he’s been one of the more vocal leaders of the receiving corps. I’m also glad to see Anthony Morelli get the nod, the biggest knock on him last year aside from his “inability to read defenses” was his lack of poise and leadership. From what I’ve read in practice reports and from what a certain inside source on the team has told me, Morelli’s looking a lot more assertive, vocal, and sure of himself which are qualities you ABSOLUTELY need in a senior QB with at least one season under his belt. Naming him captain can only increase his confidence even more and force him to be even more of a leader.

I’m also starting a little running segment here to help count down the days until college football season officially kicks off on August 30th by showcasing my favorite college football clips from YouTube. Appropriately, I’ll start this off with a highlight reel of perhaps the quickest, most powerful fullback to ever don the Blue&White…

I’m talking of course, about Aaron Harris.

When Harris went down with an ACL tear midway through the 1997 season, we lost one-half of a dynamic backfield duo that was completed by Curtis Enis at tailback. It was devastating to say the least, and I don’t think Harris was the same speedy fullback ever again despite making a quality comeback.

Without Harris, we no longer had that one-two punch in the ground game that struck fear in opposing defenses for the first half of the ’97 season. Sadly, it probably didn’t matter much because our defense that year was one of the worst in recent memory, allowing teams to run the ball at will on them including Michigan State having two players rush for over 200 yards on us in an embarrassing 49-14 blowout loss on national TV. How we managed to remain undefeated and in the Top 5 going into November that year still baffles me to this day.


4 Responses to The Three Caballeros

  1. Aaron Harris was about 200 kinds of awesome. Honestly, one of the most tragic PSU injuries in my lifetime, from a sheer fan perspective.

  2. happyhourvalley says:

    Congrats, you’re the first person to ever comment in my blog! I think that deserves some sort of prize.

    I totally agree with you, as tragic as our defensive line situation is, it seems pretty managable compared to when we lost Harris. Let’s hope Abe Koroma’s situation is the last major injury issue we have to deal with this year.

  3. Turd Ferguson. It’s a funny name.

  4. Yeah, I speak a little French…You’re an assbite, pardon my French. Ha-ha!

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